Release of first issue of ‘How’s the Economy’ report

April 19, 2016 – 

‘How’s the Economy?’ is a report that KGNP engaged Mr Lee Heng Guie, an experienced independent economist in Malaysia, to write for the benefits of our clients and business associates. Mr Lee will certainly bring to us his much sought after perspective on Malaysia’s economic trends and indicators.

This ever and fast changing domestic economic environment as well as a complex global landscape presents both threats as well as opportunities to Malaysian businesses and corporates. It is important to track both external and domestic economic developments and indicators over time. As such, we hope that this report, which provides coverage of key economic highlights, backed by current and forward indicators would assist as well as facilitate businesses’ planning strategy. Mr Lee’s comments and views will obviously be very useful toward meeting this objective.
We intend to issue this report on a quarterly basis so as to be ‘always up-to-date’. I thank Heng Guie for his contributions. We hope that you will find this report useful and enjoy reading through it; picking up the key pointers and the answer to your question of how’s the economy doing?

Below is the message from the writer, Mr Lee Heng Guie:
“The Bank Negara Malaysia’s Annual Report, 2015 and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s World Economic Report, April 2016 are the prime focus of this report. The IMF’s report paints a slow yet fragile global growth outlook, threatened by prominent downside risks. Bank Negara Malaysia maintains a cautious optimism about Malaysia’s economic outlook, expecting real GDP growth of 4.0-4.5% this year compared to 5.0% in 2015.

I concur with the central bank’s fair assessment and maintain a guarded stance on Malaysia’s growth trajectory. Malaysia is facing moderation in growth momentum this year and will continue to face the on-going external headwinds and domestic challenges. Malaysia not only needs to withstand negative spillovers from a weak global environment, including continued uncertainties associated with the Fed’s rate actions path and China’s slowing growth, but also has to navigate through the adjustments brought about by the on-going domestic economic reforms.”

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