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FRSIC Draft Consensus D 15 : Treatment of Land Cost When Revenue is Recognised Over Time by Measuring Progress Using Input Method, and Our Comment Letter dated 21 April 2016

April 21, 2016 –  Recently, the Financial Reporting Standard Implementation Committee(FRSIC) of MIA issued the Draft Consensus 15 for comment by the public. The Draft Consensus is in respect to what should be the appropriate method to be used in measuring the progress of the property development for the purposes of recognising the revenue over […]

Release of first issue of ‘How’s the Economy’ report

April 19, 2016 –  ‘How’s the Economy?’ is a report that KGNP engaged Mr Lee Heng Guie, an experienced independent economist in Malaysia, to write for the benefits of our clients and business associates. Mr Lee will certainly bring to us his much sought after perspective on Malaysia’s economic trends and indicators. This ever and […]